Hurricane Relief

How can you help with Hurricane Relief?

How can you help?

Be it a disaster or a community in a distressed economy, everyday life's essentials are sometimes taken for granted. Churches and companies around the country are helping make the kits listed below in quantities that work for their budget and time availability. Then, through our programs, we, in turn, take those kits and distribute them promptly to those who are going through a season of great need.
Thank you for your time and for considering others in their moment of need. - Convey of Hope

Whether it be financially or through one of the kits listed below, would you step up and help Evangel Church serve these communities in their time of need.
All donations can be packaged and dropped off at the Evangel Church campus under the pavilion. You can also give by hitting the donate button below.

Some of the items needed at this time are, Canned/Box food, Coffee, Dog/Cat food in cans, Paper goods, Baby wipes, Baby food/formula, Dry Foods, Individually Packaged, Snacks, Diapers, Flashlights and batteries, Chainsaw Oil, Tarps, and Bungie straps.

Thank you, Evangel Church, for helping us reach these communities in their time of need.